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Go to ROSARYOFTHEUNBORN.COM & order you a beautiful rosary with each bead a tear drop & an unborn baby inside & together we will PRAY & BELIEVE abortion WILL BE OVER TURNED!! IN JESUS NAME….Some women say NOBODY has the RIGHT to tell me what to do with MY body.Well YOUR life is YOUR business but it is NOT YOUR life that we are TRYING to save but the innocent child inside of you who has NO VOICE but has a life to live Many mothers SUFFER quietly behind closed doors and nobody hears their crys but God does and HE FORGIVES YOU AND HAS YOUR PRECIOUS BABY WAITING FOR YOU IN HEAVEN….GOD IS PROLIFE!! ADOPTION NOT ABORTION.JUST THE FACTS:36 abortions a day are performed on woman carrying a child five months or older.According to survey data collected by abortion providers themselves,the over whelming majority of ALL abortions 95% are done as means as a means of birth control or to eliminate an unplanned pregnancy.ONLY 1% of ALL abortions are performed because of rape or incest.1% because of fetal abnormalities.3% because of mother’s health problems.A woman can legally abort {KILL} her unborn child throughout her entire nine months of pregnancy……for ANY reason.The average abortion procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes.The average WAIT for ADOPTION IS 5 YEARS!!!!!! NOW THAT WE HAVE A PRO-LIFE PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP {which is God’s will } ABORTION WILL BE OVER TURNED!! Donald Trumps first day in office he was 70 years,7 months and 7 days and the Jewish calender is 5777 which those who KNOW God, KNOW this is the hand of God saving the United States from ALL the forces of evil TRYING to take over America with Islam and New World Order which satan has been planning for years  but GOD SAID NO!!!!! I will be at the White House when abortion is over turned by the GRACE OF GOD!!! GOD IS PRO-LIFE AND SATAN IS PRO-DEATH,IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!!! ONE BILLION SOULS NEED TO BE SAVED BEFORE JESUS RETURNS SO TOGETHER WE NEED TO PRAY FOR GOD’S LOVE TO TOUCH THE ENDS OF THE EARTH SO EVERYONE WILL KNOW GOD’S LOVE AND FORGIVENESS AND THAT OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN IF WE ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS OUR SAVIOR!! JESUS SUFFERING SAVED THE WORLD AND HE NEEDS THOSE WHO LOVE HIM TO SPREAD HIS LOVE!! DO NOT LIVE IN THE FLESH WHERE THERE IS LIES AND DECEPTION BUT LIVE IN THE SPIRITUAL AND HEAVEN REALM WHERE YOU HEAR GODS VOICE AND HE GIVES YOU WISDOM AND TRUTH!!   HAVE A BLESSED AND HAPPY DAY!!

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