Author: Lana

I am a 56 year old woman of God with 3 beautiful children Lance,Brandon and Shanna and one son in heaven Michael.I have 4 precious grandchildren Conner,Destany,Gracen and Nixon.I have 4 brothers and my 82 year old dad.Mom went to heaven in 1991 and suffered from MS....FAMILY is such a PRECIOUS GIFT FROM GOD and should ALWAYS BE CHERISHED!!! <3

Before I formed you in the womb I KNEW YOU!!!

Many years ago I had a dream of hundreds of infant baby’s drowning in a big swimming pool and I felt God speak to me to HELP save them .Well i had that same dream last night with hundreds of helpless precious baby’s drowning in a big swimming pool and God said help save them but this time Jesus was beside me and said”,Lana i know how much you love your children and how would you feel…. if before they were born that you actually seen each one of your own ¬†children destroyed in the womb and i began to cry and Jesus said, that is how GOD feels when each one of his helpless children is murdered in the womb.God see’s each one of his very own children destroyed by satan and God knows each of his children by name”. BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB I KNEW YOU…..ABORTION IS MURDER and the CRYS of the unborn reach GOD’S EARS…..At the TIME of conception a baby has a human soul and EVERY baby aborted,miscarried or lost goes directly to heaven to the LOVING ARMS OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER WHO LOVES US BEYOND MEASURE!! but each LIFE is PRECIOUS to God and deserves to LIVE….¬† JESUS PROTECT AND SAVE THE UNBORN……GOD IS PRO-LIFE !! SATAN IS PRO-DEATH!!


She says: Dear children,it is IMPORTANT that YOU realize that ABORTION is the KEY issue which is bringing about the demise of mankind.If ABORTION was defeated ,the path of RECONCILIATION between the HEART of the WORLD and GOD THE FATHER would be laid bare.THEN you would SEE wars cease,economies stabilize under righteous leadership,moral degeneration,reversed disease and famine greatly resolved and natural as well as man made disasters lessen.For I tell you,EVIL begets EVIL.Remember ,dear children,ONE HAIL MARY said from the HEART can STOP WARS,HEAL DISEASE,CHANGE HEARTS AND BRING VICTORY OF RIGHTEOUSNESS OVER EVIL.Therefore,I have come to mobilize an ARMY OF PRAYER not just here but around the WORLD.I call it,”ONE ROSARY A DAY FOR LIFE.This is your heavenly mother’s CALL from God to arms be UNITED in this effort ,Dear children be UNITED in this effort.Jesus and i will help you spread ONE ROSARY A DAY FOR LIFE AROUND THE WORLD.You do not need anyone’s approval to pray or to evangelize PRAYER .You should encourage people from EVERY PART OF THE WORLD TO ENLIST IN THIS “ARMY OF PRAYER”.I am ALWAYS your mother ,your support ,your partner in ALL that is GOOD but this ARMY OF PRAYER MUST BE SPREAD QUICKLY to be effective and so it is MY MOST PRECIOUS AND PERSONAL PROJECT. “MAKE IT KNOWN


John the baptist leapt for JOY in his mother’s womb.We PRAY that people may REALIZE that abortion is NOT about children who MIGHT come in to the world but it is about children who are ALREADY in the world,LIVING & GROWING in the womb & are scheduled to be killed….GOD IS PRO-LIFE….