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I am sickened sharing this and you must be too! However, I must share this and I pray as I do you pray to stop the murder of our precious unborn babies!
“SHOCK WARNING: In case you don’t know what they do to aborted babies, brace yourself. They harvest organs from babies while still alive, they sell their meat to other countries as medical waste which is then sold for cannibalistic consumption, their skin is sold for human skin shoes and purses. Their blood is drained and sold for vaccines and flavors in foods. Their cord blood and stem cells are sold to make medications and VACCINES. A drug called adrenochrome is produced from the extraction from brain which is sold on black market to satanic elites. They get twice the price for organs of 9 month old fetus vs 5 month old.

There have been many whistleblowers come forth that say many of the doctors and nurses are satanists who are performing ritualistic murder of these infants. Some say they have watched the mother’s and abortionists eat the aborted baby. They have also indicated that witches, satanists and pagans purposefully breed to make babies that are destined to be sacrificed and perform group rituals right in the abortion clinics. In addition, they have exposed the fact that many doctors and nurses are satanists who get jobs in abortion clinics, hospitals, blood banks, organ donor teams, EMTs, ambulance drivers, life flight techs, ER, foster child care systems, medical waste companies, child protective services clinics, rape crisis centers, etc. just to facilitate getting control of these babies, moms, etc. to get to their body parts, blood and brain secretions.

Over the past 2 years, President Trump has arrested thousands of human traffickers, organ traffickers, child traffickers and shut down the regular supply of human organs for the satanic elites. So, these groups are turning to the medical industry to promote abortion even more as a woman’s rights issue to continue the right to murder babies for their sick desires. The laws in New York and other disgusting states are specifically written to benefit those who are profiting in murdering these babies or for those who are killing the babies for satanic rituals. That’s why the law says it does not have to be a doctor that performs the abortion, so anyone can kill the infant in a ritual for example. That’s why they say no treatment to save the life of the baby, if baby survives abortion, so they can harvest organs, skin, blood from a screaming live infant, legally! The 9 month old fetus has stronger and more stem cells that they can sell. The women do not have to notify the father, or the grandparents of that infant before they kill it.

Women are celebrating for the right to commit premeditated murder with ZERO consequences, and are allowing people to profit from that infant murder!

This is not about women’s rights. This is about murder rights! Those babies are separate human beings, not a part of the mother’s body. They are not a kidney to be removed. They are a unique, precious life! If you could ask each baby if they wanted to live they would say YES!

It’s time to ban this scourge from our nation and the world. Abortion is pagan depravity from ancient occult religious rituals. It’s murder in the first degree!

Overturn Roe v Wade and end abortion forever! It’s the right thing to do! The women and men who are promoting and legalizing this murder of infants are the scum of the earth!!!! Please stand up now for unborn babies. The season of murdering innocents is increasing. Some nations are now beginning to legalize child murder up to age 5, or for autistic kids, or disabled kids, and in some places senior citizens! We must demand that the sanctity of life is preserved! Human life is sacred! Raise your voice!

In the days ahead, you will find out that some very high profile people are involved with child trafficking, organ trafficking and these satanic rituals. They will be brought to justice. Pray for those who are bringing them to justice, and for their families. God bless you all. “

#BabiesLivesMatter #GiveBirth #LetThemLive