Corrupt State of Maine does not care about Americans or our Precious unborn & Newborn !! TIME to vote them out with voter ID in 2020 before Maine looks like California , Hell on earth ran by Democrats !!! California Adopts Planned Parenthood Program Pushing Sex on Kids as Young as 5 or 6 The California Board of Education implemented progressive sex and gender education curriculum in public schools across the state, regardless, in some cases, of parental knowledge or consent.


  1. DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME GOES A STEP FURTHER : Libraries used to host a reading from a caldecott medal author or offer story time for tots ,reading curious George. NOW, story time at MANY libraries is a DRAG SHOW and GROOMING EVENT!! SADLY MANY librarians are enthuslastically INVITING it and parents are too willing to bring their kids .But what began as story time read by a drag queen has NOW evolved into a dance by drag queens and transgenders ,complete with adult -oriented dance moves and kids bring them dollar bills and other story times INVITING KIDS to crawl ON them as they lay on the ground ??? This is right from the pit of HELL !! Satan KNOWS how to gradually sneak his way in to do HIS EVIL!!! WAKE UP PARENTS TO THIS HORRIFIC EVIL !!! THE LUCIFERIAN REIGN NWO WANT TO GROOM OUR CHILDREN TO BE TRANSGENDER AND EXCEPT PEDAFELIA WHICH IS PURE EVIL !! TIME TO PROTECT OUR KIDS !!! THIS EVIL IS IN FORT KENT MAINE AND ALL THROUGH MAINE !! THE RABBIT HOLE GOES VERY DEEP!!!!! SHOCKING!!!

  2. Democrats voted to fine Americans for not buying health insurance, but want to give it to illegals for free.
    Think about that. If it takes you more than a second to grasp the insanity of this you shouldn’t be voting!!!!

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